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As a member of the Fashion Design Student Association, I participated in my first fashion show as a designer. Below is a compilation of images featuring my two dress designs for the show. 

Huge thank you to Zharia Mckenzie for putting together this designer profile of me at the show and doing such a fabulous job capturing the FDSA fashion show! You can find her @znmckenziee on social media. 


   I wanted my designs for the fashion show to tie into my overall exhibition theme which consists of a series of abstract botanicals. It was an exciting challenge for me to translate my painterly style into fashion pieces to create “wearable art”. My work is generally very bright and colorful, focusing on texture, expressive brush strokes and intentional layers. I wanted my dress designs to be no 

My beautiful models: Chloe Senter (left) and Maleah Bahena (right)


different. In my first dress design, I did this by dyeing dozens of colorful fabrics and crafted little flowers to embellish all over the dress to capture the floral essence of my exit show paintings. I even left the loose threads hanging down from each hand-sewn flower to mimic the drippy layers in my paintings. For my second dress design, I took the aspect of translating my paintings into fashion literally by painting on scraps of canvas and weaving strips of it onto the dress. This design focused more on matching the color pallet, texture and brush strokes of my paintings. Overall, the fashion show coordinating with my exit show was a great way for me to combine my passion for art with my passion for fashion!

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