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Born and raised in Macon, GA, I’ve had a passion for creating for as long as I can remember. I am currently studying Fabric Design and Fashion Merchandising at the University of Georgia. As a painter, I mainly work with acrylics and watercolor, but like to dabble in mixed media. I enjoy pushing my paintings a step farther and turning my art into digital patterns to be used for textile designs and products. I am a follower of Jesus, and am thankful to Him for providing me with the opportunity to do what I love!


Growing up, my mom’s favorite phrase to say to us was “choose joy”. That phrase has stuck with me throughout the years as I’ve learned to incorporate it into my everyday life. Obviously, that’s much easier said than done some days, but it’s been a constant encouragement for me to find the little joys in life. My goal as an artist is to capture those happy moments in life and transfer them into my paintings so that I can cherish those moments forever. My way of expressing those meaningful moments is through color. To me, color has a unique ability to evoke certain emotions and add excitement and personality to a painting. Along with using bright color combinations, I focus on incorporating texture, expressive brush strokes and intentional layers in my work.

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